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Dinosaur SimulatorEdit

This is a Wikia on the game Dinosaur Simulator on Roblox, This was made by the account ChickenEngineer and Unhatched games. If you haven't checked out this game then you should!

Basic GameplayEdit

Dinosaur simulator is a game made by Chicken, In which you can play as various different dinosaurs in an ever improving map. The game is not done on ROBLOX, but you still have plenty of choices to chose from within the 'change Dino' menu. There is still glitches engineer needs to fix e.g Wall glitch, speed glitch and more but the amazing texture and animations defiantly makes up for that in my opinion, by HAPPYgamerz2001 ROBLOX username.

Latest activityEdit

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Dino Sim

The Dino Sim icon.